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Character Driven Productions is an award winning, dynamic film and video production company located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Our staff has a vast amount of experience in film, video and commercial production. Our projects accommodate a wide variety of budgets and styles, catering to individual clients needs. We can take care of all aspects of production from conceptualization to finished product.

Character Driven Productions has a high degree of regional and national visibility. We’ve produced and shot the feature length film “Love, Friendship and Hypocrisy” which was shown theatrically in the northeast. Our first feature length documentary “Blackthorn: It’s an Irish Thing” was shown on UPN 57. We also produced the Blackthorn promotional video for Planet Hollywood. Our second feature length documentary, “Charlie Gracie: Fabulous” was a huge pledge drive earner for PBS affiliate WHYY and was picked up for national DVD distribution by Gotham Distribution and is available thru Turner Classic Movies on DVD and dozens of national retail outlets. “Charlie Gracie: Fabulous” received critical acclaim in several national and international magazines and media. Our third feature length documentary “The Wages of Spin” received stellar acclaim thru several National Media Outlets and has been featured in/on several prominent media forums including: Entertainment Tonight, Reuters (all affiliates), The New York Times, Imdb.com Studio Briefing, ABC World News Site, The National Inquirer and dozens of other media outlets. “The Wages of Spin” has been aired over 600 times Nationally on PBS affiliates and available Nationally on DVD thru ShopPBS.org. “WOS” is in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Archives/Library. Our Charlie Gracie “Fabulous” Special Edition is also airing on PBS affiliates Nationally, available thru ShopPBS.org and in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Archives. We have commenced shooting on our fourth and fifth feature length documentaries which are sequel(s) to “The Wages of Spin.” Several music industry icons have been featured in our documentaries including: Chubby Checker, Graham Nash, Connie Francis, Fabian, Frankie Avalon, Mike Lowe, Bruce Johnston, Peter Noone, Charlie Gracie, DJ Fontana, Bob Marcucci, Len Barry, Jerry Blavat, Stephen Caldwell, Weldon McDougal, Bill Haley’s Comets, The Dovell’s, Danny and The Juniors, Jack Scott, Albert Lee, Paul Moore, Tommy James, Dennis Diken, Little Anthony, Randy Jones, Freddy Cannon, Dale Hawkins and Clay Cole.

The quality and creativity of our work is a testament to the breadth and diversity of experience of our staff, which includes feature film directors, cameramen with television and feature film experience and an Emmy Awarding winning post production supervisor. If you are in need of high quality film or video work done with expert craftsmanship or want to discuss a potential project, please contact us.

We also provide state of the art Corporate and “Event Filming” services such as: Weddings, Graduations, School Plays, Corporate and Industrial Video’s, Legacy Video’s, Bio Films and Special Events. We have Emmy Award winning editors and cameramen who have worked on shows and networks such as: CBS, PBS, NBC, Comcast, NFL Films, Eagles Network, “The Wedding Show,” “Trading Spaces,” “The Makeover Story” and “The Dating Story.” All of our services are shot and edited with master craftsmen who are highly regarded in their respective crafts. Our work is sterling and our rates are reasonable. All of our staff are friendly, neat and dress appropriately for the functions they are shooting. Our cameramen are discreet and keep a very low profile at the events they are shooting. All of our systems are stellar. We have several different packages to choose from and can accommodate several different budgets.