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Character Driven Productions Family Legacy Video Packages, Details and Costs

Every family has a story. Like a tree, that story continues to grow, sprouting new branches and blossoms with each succeeding generation yet it is grounded in the past through strong roots in rich soil.

It is common for our children to temporarily lose their way in this world in which uncertainty abounds. You can ensure that your children understand that they are not rootless, that they are connected to lives and events that not only preceded them, but made their lives possible. Each generation wishes for a better life for its children and each makes sacrifices to realize that end. Just as you are connected to your parents and your parents’ parents, your children and your children’s children are connected to you—- a continuous chain of sacrifice, hope, and most importantly—-love. You can insure that your story, and your ancestors’ story is passed on to your children as they continue to sprout new branches on your family tree. This is your Legacy.

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Legacy videos–

  • Basic Legacy Package
  • Memoir Package
  • Premium Package
  • Ultimate Package

ConradOur Emmy Award winning Post Production Supervisor, Editors and Cameramen have worked on a variety of high profile cable TV programs such as: “The Wedding Show,” “Trading Spaces,” “The Makeover Story” and “The Dating Story;” so, your legacy is being preserved by highly regarded industry professionals. Additional Package Add-On’s are available upon request.

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