The Wages of Spin – Story

The Story is About…

  • “All is never as it seems. In 1960, Rock and Roll was not the teenage menace that parents feared. And Dick Clark was not the nice young man that teenagers believed. Wages of Spin tells the tale that young musicians featured on Bandstand wouldn’t dare share, until now. This documentary is a compelling start to a long overdue correction of history. Prepare to have your illusions shattered.” ~Rollye James, Radio Personality
  • “It was Dorothy and her Trio of friends who pulled back the curtain and laid bare to us the man pulling the strings in the make-believe land of ‘Oz.’ Now film director Shawn Swords has done likewise. Swords’ The Wages of Spin is a revealing chronicle of who actually pulled the strings in a latter-day ‘Oz’—the city of Philadelphia, when it, thanks to Dick Clark’s ‘American Bandstand,’ rocked and rolled as the fabulous hub of America’s pop music industry. Kudos to Swords for setting the record straight after all these years, and a warning to those who idolize Mr. Clark: viewing The Wages of Spin may be hazardous to your blithe recollections of that era.” ~John A. Jackson, Author
  • “I lived through it, this documentary is right on the money. Finally the truth comes out.” ~Lee Douglas, Oldtime Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • “…a brilliant piece of storytelling. You have capsulated an important segment of the music business and developing years of television in an entertaining and fascinating manner.” ~John Toutkaldjian, Bandstand Director
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