Wages of Spin II: Bring Down That Wall – Story

The Story is About…

  • Crooked independent promotion men (many of whom had ties to organized crime families) who created a safety-buffer for their clients (Record Labels).
  • The power of The Network (independent promoters) to pick winners and losers in a rigged system.
  • The Network shutting out Pink Floyds “Another Brick In The Wall” single due to CBS Records refusal not to pay the “Indies”. (As told by Dick Asher Deputy President of CBS Records).
  • The Networks ties to Organized Crime via the independent promotion men and record labels executives allocating funds to independent promotion men in exchange for kickbacks.
  • Organized crime infiltration into the record industry.
  • Tens of millions of dollars distributed to the independent promotion men to secure radio airtime.
  • A division head of MCA directly connected to organized crime threatening Edwin Meese to shutdown the investigation into MCA and the investigation being shut down shortly afterwards.
  • Two division heads of MCA being directly connected to mob families.
  • The feud between two MCA executives that was resolved by John Gotti.
  • Lew Wasserman’s history/relationship with organized crime and Ronald Reagan.
  • Wasserman bringing organized crime members into MCA and mentoring them.
  • An alleged 50 million dollar pay off to Irving Azoff to walk away from MCA.
  • The political players and White House circumvention of the Department of a Justice Investigation into MCA.
  • The investigation into MCA (and wiretaps) being shutdown and sealed and the tapes disappearing from a secured government facility in Maryland.
  • Two DOJ strike force prosecutors careers being ruined for refusing not to pursue MCA after being told to by their superiors in Washington D.C. to do so.