Wages of Spin II: Bring Down That Wall – Synopsis

The “Wages of Spin II” continues to weave the narrative thread established with the acclaimed (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, over 1000 PBS affiliate airings-featured on Entertainment Tonight) first installment. In post-payola scandal America, the recording industry turned to new methods to game the free market of creative content in its favor. Little do millions of Americans know that the soundtrack of their lives, the hits they hummed on the way to school to work and to play, were handpicked by a seedy consortium of Record Labels Executives, Promotion Men, Organized Crime Figures and Radio Programmers/DJ’s in a ruthless battle for radio airtime which drove record sales.

The story is deeper and more tragic than just the songs that got airtime and the artists who got short-changed, but those artists who didn’t get airtime and were condemned to a lifetime of anonymity because of a system that relied on crooked independent promotion men who created a safety buffer for their clients (record labels). The recording industry was also deeply infiltrated by and beholden to organized crime families and their cronies even in the upper levels of corporate management. The Wages of Spin II also explores a DOJ investigation into MCA that was shut down by The DOJ hierarchy and the quid pro quo history of Ronald Reagan, Lew Wasserman and MCA and how that relationship impacted the aforementioned DOJ investigation and the relationship of several key members of Reagan’s hierarchy and MCA and MCA executives and organized crime families.